Industry Specific Packages

The Remote Control Website Series offers designs specifically tailored to your industry.  The concept is to provide you with an "out of the box" solution that you can have up and running with very little effort and put forward a professional image.  Additionally, the built-in flexibility of the Remote Control series allows you to completely re-adapt your Website into many variations that only you would invent.

Commercial Series -
Manufacturing, Retail, Clubs and Organizations, Restaurants - Service Providers, Medical Professionals, Legal Professionals, Country Clubs, Consultants, Insurance Agents, Travel Agents, Interior Designers, Event Planners.

Real Estate Series -
Real Estate Agents and Offices.

Five Star Members
- (Use the Five Star Website Password)

E-Commerce -
Sell your products "on-line" .







At any time you can add advanced shopping basket features with secure credit card ordering.  We are currently an authorized provider of "Shopsite" e-commerce solutions.  The Shopsite e-commerce package merges seamlessly with your Remote Control Website and offers full browser based Remote Control functionality. How to prepare
for credit card processing

View the Shopsite-E-commerce Module.

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