REMOTE CONTROL - Commercial/Business Series "Lite" Version Website Package

 $99.00 setup! Limited Time Special (You save $180.00)

Domain name - to be used for this site. e.g. www.YourWebsite.com

( If you don't have a domain name yet.... you can still order the website now, but you will need to choose and register a domain name before we can activate your new website.  It is easy to do. Click Here. )

Your Name

Your current e-mail address

Preferred monthly billing method.  $48.95/month.
Credit Card ( We will use the same credit card you use to order the site.)
( An additional $2.65 per month statement fee will be assessed for non-credit card monthly billing)

No contracts.  Cancel anytime with only 30 days notice.
Your Credit card will be billed $147.95
which includes the $99.00 setup plus the 1st months $48.95 service.


Website Setup and Activation

We will process your order within 2 business days.  If you ordered your domain name using the "WonderWebUSA.com' domain name order process, or if you currently have a WonderWebUSA website, your new site will be setup and installed within 5 business days.  If we need to transfer your existing Domain Name from your previous registrar, there may be a two week delay.  We will coordinate the name transfer with you to speed up the process. 

We will e-mail you when your new Website is ready, along with instructions on accessing and personalizing your site. 

Thank You for Selecting a WonderWebUSA.com Remote Control Website!