Get your own Domain Name -- It's Easy!

Reserve a Domain Name .. or see what is still available.  click here- Only $39 total each for the 1st year!
Include e-mail forwarding service at the same time and get both for only $40 additional. ($60 additional if ordered separately). Get both for only $79 for the 1st year!*

(What is e-mail forwarding? -- This service allows you to use your Domain Name as your email address. All e-mail addressed to is relayed in seconds (forwarded) to the e-mail address of your choice.)

Add-on E-mail Forwarding to your current Domain Name.   click here
This service is $60/year.  However if you order this service when you order a Domain Name above, the 1st year is only $40.

Add Domain Name Re-direction -- click here

(What is Domain Name Re-Direction? -- This service allows you to use your new Domain Name instead of another cumbersome URL to access any webpage of your choice.  Example --  If you have a webpage at an address such as and would rather use then select this option. This service is $90/year.

SPECIAL PRICE -- Domain Name Re-direction -- click here.
If you select the optional e-mail forwarding service when you reserve your domain name above, you can add domain name re-direction for just $50 additional for the 1st year.   You must order this service within 14 days or ordering your domain name to get this price.
(1st. order your domain name, Registration Plan 1 above including e-mail forwarding, then return to this page and select this special.)

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Annual Renewal Rates (Subject to change)

Renew your domain name  $35/year
Renew e-mail forwarding $60/year
Renew Domain Name Redirection $90/year