ShopSite for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
As a small to medium sized business, the Internet offers you many potential threats and opportunities. Huge dot coms like Amazon threaten to take away business from your storefront/existing business. In addition, while you pay sales taxes on your physical store, online stores are enjoying a chance to sell without imposing sales taxes on their customers.

Meanwhile, the Internet offers a small business a chance to connect with customers in new ways. Businesses can reach customers anywhere in the world (not just in your hometown) at any time your customers want (not just when you are open). Businesses all over the world have chosen ShopSite because:

  1. Proven Success - More small businesses (>30,000) have successfully built a store using ShopSite than any other tool on the market.
  2. Easy to use - Businesses can build a ShopSite store with nothing more than a browser and an Internet connection. No downloads. No software to administer. Using ShopSite’s wizard and intuitive interface, small businesses (with any level of computer knowledge) can build a store in 15 minutes.
  3. Business success - Once you get beyond ease of use, businesses need tools to effectively run their online business. ShopSite’s powerful features (PowerEdit, On Sale, OrderAnywhere) provide businesses the tools that they can use to be successful on the Internet.
  4. Unique looking stores - Working with an ISP or web developers and ShopSite, businesses can create a store, which presents a unique, professional look and feel to its customers. ShopSite supports HTML and JavaScript, but does not require it.
  5. Experienced/Global Partner - Open Market has successful software installations in 30 countries. ShopSite is currently available in English, German, French and Italian with other languages coming soon. By choosing Open Market, portals gain a partner with deep experiences in E-Commerce. With IDG, Open Market wrote “Internet Commerce for Dummies.”

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