Search Engine Registration

It is a good idea ...
... to submit your website directly to each of the major search engines when your site is first created and then to re-submit or update your website with those search engines on a regular basis. This will help increase the chances of your site showing up nearer the top of the search results. You can do this yourself as often as you wish.
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Wonder Web offers a quarterly search engine registration and update plan. We will register and then re-register your site for you every three months and also register your site with the automated 72 hour Inktomi search engine directory for $19.95/quarter. You can start now by completing the information below and can stop the service at any time.

Do this just once instead of with each search engine.

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What "WORDS" would a potential or current customer type to a search engine (Yahoo. Infoseek, etc.) to try and find you?

Example: (cars, auto, automobile, repairs, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, Castaic, San Fernando Valley, Volvo, mechanic, Sweden, European, Swedish, accident, bodywork, fenders, paint, you get the idea. )

Would you like Wonder Web to update the search engines quarterly for you?

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