Web Site Accounts
It's in there. Get everything your business needs to create and maintain a successful presence on the Web.

Web Sites From $19.00 Per Month!
- EZUSA Standard Hi Capacity
Monthly Charge $19.00 $49.00 $79.00
www.yourname.com - x x
Disk Space (MB) 25 50 100
Data Transfer (MB/mo) 500 1000 2000
Mailboxes 1 5 10
Mail Forwarding X X X
Daily Tape Backup X X X
Wonder Web's Connectivity X X X
FrontPage97/98 Extensions X X X
Viewer Statistics (Log Files) X X X
High-speed Unix Servers X X X
Technical Support X X X
FTP & Telnet Access - X X
We have the Software! - X X
Secure Server (SSL) Support X X X
RealAudio Support - X X
RealVideo Support - X X
CyberCash Support - X X
MySQL Support - X X
Multiple Domain Names - - X

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